Effective Aftercare for Plastic Surgery in Toronto

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Effective Aftercare for Plastic Surgery in Toronto

Jan 29 2021

You’ve had your first plastic surgery and you’re thrilled with this new change in your life. It will give you a boost of confidence, given that you were in the hands of the best plastic surgeons in Toronto

While the toughest part of the transformation passed, there are still important steps you need to do in order to fully recover. Aftercare for plastic surgery is crucial, this will determine the final look you expected from the procedure. Even if you invested in the best plastic surgery in Toronto, you still need to know how to care for your fresh surgical wounds.

Dangers of Poor or Lack of Plastic Surgery Aftercare

Aftercare is not as easy as just resting up after the surgery, it requires precise and thorough care. Failing to follow your doctor’s orders of proper aftercare will likely infect your surgical wound. There are signs you need to look out for that will indicate that your surgical wound is infected. 

The likelihood of suffering from a wound infection is around 1 to 3% but with a weak immune system, a history of heavy smoking, obesity, and old age can factor and increase the likelihood of post-surgery infection. Plastic surgeons in Toronto usually provide you with guidance and expectations about the surgery you’ll undergo. This is to educate you on what to expect or if you’re a suitable candidate for the desired plastic surgery.

There are three different kinds of wound infections, categorized on how bad it is. Below are the different levels you need to check for:

  • Superficial  – The infection is only on the skin area and is not a big threat but requires urgent care nonetheless.
  • Deep – It has reached muscle and tissue, and will continue to worsen if not rushed to the hospital.
  • Organ/space – This infection has reached the organs on the area where the surgery was performed, and it should be rushed to the hospital to avoid permanent damage or lethal results.

Effective Aftercare Practices For Plastic Surgeries

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The best way to avoid the dangers of lethal infections is to follow the doctor’s recommendations and learn effective practices to heal quickly. While it’s natural to have different healing time per patient, there are almost similar ways to ensure proper healing. Below are the practices you need to do in order to enjoy your new look.

Take some time off. Your surgical wound should still be delicate and you’re likely to still sore from the procedure. This will mean time away from extraneous activities like exercises and another heavy lifting in your job or chores. Depending on the doctor’s observation, the typical length of downtime is usually a week or two after the surgery.

This will give your body enough time to recover and will minimize the swelling and redness in time. If you really need to exercise, make sure you do it after 24-48 hours later as you’re still in a fragile condition and it might get infected. Suggested exercises would be light exercises such as walking. This is one of the crucial aftercare for plastic surgery and is always emphasized by plastic surgeons in Toronto.

Stay hydrated. The best way to heal quickly is to make sure you drink lots of water – at least six to eight glasses a day. Steer clear from unhealthy and sugary drinks for now as your body needs all the help it can get. This will also help your body rid of the toxins in your system, plus it makes your skin healthy in the process too.

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Opt for a better diet. Aside from the healthier drinks, opt for nutritious diet instead of junk or oily foods. A good serving of lean proteins, fruits, and veggies can help you recover fast. The ideal foods you can have for quick recovery would be the following:

  • Protein – You can get this from eggs, soybeans, lean meat, organic dairy, and nuts. This speeds up your muscle recovery and boosts your immune system as well.
  • Calcium – Your body can’t produce its own calcium, drink up a healthy amount of milk and eat some dairy to replenish what you lost.
  • Vitamin C – Peel up some citrus fruits and indulge in the refreshing taste, or maybe settle with veggies and potatoes too. A good amount of vitamin c can help you replenish the collagen in your body and help repair your ligaments and keep your skin bouncy soft too.

Always track and drink your medication. This is another crucial aftercare for plastic surgery as doctors would emphasize that taking the suggested medication on time is important. Usually, there will be medications for pain and antibiotics, to ensure that your healing process won’t be as painful as it should be. If you have certain allergies about medications, don’t forget to bring it up to your plastic surgeon as it might worsen your surgical wounds. Bring up your history of allergic reactions to certain medications for assurance. 

Usually, plastic surgeons in Toronto walk you through with different medications you need to take in order to heal, and they will explain the possible side effects as well.

Take good care of your skin. The area wherein the procedure was done would be sensitive and sore, so make sure you keep an eye out for it. Even with the wound healing, a rule of thumb for effective aftercare for plastic surgery is to stop touching and keep the area clean.

Touching your wound with dirty hands can hinder your healing process and will likely infect it. Ask your doctor about the ideal products you can use to clean your wounds properly – the best decision you can make is to opt for hypoallergenic and mild cleaning products.

Bear in mind that plastic surgeries often go well when you trust the best plastic surgeons in Toronto, make sure you do your own research before going on the table. If in doubt, you can always contact your doctor for guidance to ensure that your healing is going well and the symptoms you experience are normal. Contact us for the best plastic surgery in Toronto and our selection of professionals will be able to help you achieve your aesthetic goal.

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