Is Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy Safe?

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Is Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy Safe?

Feb 17 2021

Congratulations on your newest member of your family! It’s a fulfilling feeling when you bear a child for 9 months and see them for the first time. It’s love at first sight and rewarding achievement for women who wanted to become moms. While it’s true that it gives you pure joy, sometimes the saggy skin where your little angel used to be can make you feel bad about yourself.

While some new mommies try to shed this off by using ‘magic’ creams and strenuous workout, there’s also a choice of a tummy tuck after pregnancy. Is this actually a safe and wise choice? It’s safe and incredibly popular. 

This is a popular option for moms who gave birth to large babies or twins onwards. While the skin is extremely versatile, your skin won’t be able to retract to its original form. Aside from your skin, your abdominal muscles also parted in the middle. This is called a divarication.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, or also called abdominoplasty, is a major cosmetic surgery that involves cutting the abdomen to properly sculpt and remove excess skin and fat. This will also mean that the abdomen muscles that were weakened or separated will be restored.

This is a risky operation, it’s important to look for the best plastic surgeons in Toronto first before deciding to get one. It’s also important to think it through and refrain from making rash decisions.

Plastic surgeons in Toronto usually provide guidance to help new moms decide if they should get a tummy tuck procedure. The common waiting time for getting a tummy tuck is at least six months after childbirth. This will also give you ample time to research for the best tummy tuck in Toronto. 

Is Tummy Tuck Okay After a C-Section?

It’s actually alright to have a tummy tuck despite going through C-section. It’s safer to meet up with the best plastic surgeons in Toronto first to understand what to expect before signing up. Bear in mind that you will go through a lot of medications and anesthetic during the operation, this will likely affect breastfeeding.

Aside from the problems of breastfeeding and stressful surgery you’ll face, it’s important to decide if you want to have more kids after this surgery. Not only will it be expensive, but it will also aggravate your existing surgery. Only decide if you’re completely sure and in good mental and physical health to go through another major surgery.

Close up of a woman’s flat belly while measuring with pink tape.

Benefits of Getting a Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy

  • Sculpt and contour the waistline as desired
  • Restore pre-pregnancy figure or even improve it as desired
  • Effectively tone and contour the usually bulging tummy and waist areas
  • Flattens and fixes umbilical hernia 
  • Overall improve the belly button appearance, especially those that protrude
  • Replace C-section scar with a bikini line scar that can be hidden easily
  • Improve posture even before pre-pregnancy
  • Effectively remove stretch marks and excess skin
  • Restore separated abdominal muscles
  • Boost self-confidence

What Happens in a Tummy Tuck?

Before you search for the best tummy tuck in Toronto or pull up a selection of plastic surgeons in Toronto, you should know what happens during a tummy tuck procedure. Below are the specific steps you go through during this specific operation. It usually takes one to five hours, depending on the amount of sagging skin you have.

  • Anesthesia – This is the first part of the procedure. There’s a choice between intravenous sedation and general anesthesia but it’s usually decided by the doctor.
  • Incision – The incision is usually done on the pubic hairline and belly button. The shape and length are usually determined depending on the amount of excess skin. Depending on the amount of loose skin, there might be a requirement of a second incision to remove the excess skin on the upper abdomen. The skin on the upper abdomen are pulled, trimmed, and sculpted to look natural. The scars for these kinds of procedures are usually easy to hide and are in the bikini area.
  • Closing the incision – Stitching the incision with careful placement of scars for a natural look. 
  • Recovery period – You will need at least 8 weeks to recover from the surgery and 3-4 weeks avoiding strenuous exercises. You’re also suggested to wear the abdominal binder for 6 weeks to avoid fluid buildup and for proper abdominal support.

When Should You Not Have a Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy?

Childbirth is already a stressful operation as it is, so it’s unwise to rush to get a tummy tuck as soon as possible. To undergo another major surgery without a proper recovery period will be risky. It is usually advised to rest and recover for at least 6 months or even a year after to bond with the baby and recover mentally as well.

Even after childbirth, the body is still adjusting after the long period of pregnancy. The abdominal muscles and the uterus are still shrinking naturally and some hormones, blood volume, and body weight are still readjusting after childbirth. This healing process will take months, even longer for some moms.


A tummy tuck after pregnancy is popular and a common choice for moms out there, but it’s not an easy process. It all boils down if you are financially, mentally, and physically ready for another major surgery – also if you’re okay to be incapacitated for months for effective recovery time.

It’s always suggested for new moms to bond with their babies first and recover from pregnancy. Perform your motherly duties first before undergoing another surgery. If you are ready, give our professionals a call and our best plastic surgeons in Toronto will provide you the assistance you need.

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