Proper Aftercare Practices for Chemical Peel in Toronto

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Proper Aftercare Practices for Chemical Peel in Toronto

Jan 23 2021

Getting a chemical peel is the first step to your transformation – a more confident and youthful you. While it was a painful experience, your challenging journey doesn’t end there. The challenge of doing the proper and effective aftercare right is something you should be prepared for.

Estheticians in Toronto usually provide thorough instruction on how to properly care for your sensitive skin. After a chemical peel, you will peel a lot – your skin will peel in chunks, and that is perfectly normal. Your skin will reveal patches of fresh and ultra-sensitive skin beneath and it can be uncomfortable.

Since the area treated will be extra sensitive, your daily skincare routine won’t be ideal for this situation. There will be practices you’re used to doing that might irritate and even damage your new layer of skin. Below are the effective aftercare practices for a chemical peel and what to expect while recovering.

Treat Your Skin Gently

Treat your skin like how you would treat thin glassware – delicately and mindful. Consult your esthetician first about what products you can apply on your skin while it’s healing from a chemical peel. Don’t be shy to bring up all the allergic reactions you had in the past concerning the products and always ask for alternative brands or ointments. 

Dab as lightly as possible – almost feather-like touches – to ensure your skin won’t be rubbed dry from applying products. The last thing you want to do is to ‘accidentally’ remove chunks of the peeled skin by force. Your skin will peel by itself when it’s ready.

Never Exfoliate During the Peeling Process

As emphasized above, don’t forcefully peel the skin before it’s ready as it might burn, irritate, or temporarily – or even permanently – scar areas you will peel. This will mean steering away from exfoliating products you’re used to. 

Most professionals doing chemical peels in Toronto provide instructions and information on how to care for your skin. While the dangling dead skin annoys you, better leave it alone or safely remove it without peeling the attached skin. 

Try to Spend Most of Your Time Inside Your Home

Your new layers of skin will be baby soft and sensitive, and sun damage is cruel on any layer of skin. You might risk irritation and even discoloration (the very thing you want to get rid of) when you go out under direct sunlight. 

Take your time and stay indoors as much as possible. Don’t stress your skin out and avoid sweating as much as possible. Stay in a room with cool temperature and make sure to keep hydrated. 

Say No to Acidic Foods for Now

Say No to Acidic Foods for Now 

Steer clear of acidic foods for now and focus on a healthier diet that won’t hurt your healing process. Acidic food and beverages can offset the pH of your skin and you don’t want that happening while you’re recovering from your chemical peel treatment. When the pH is low, it can irritate the skin and will likely cause a burn. 

The skin around your mouth will crack and peel more as it reacts every time you talk, yawn, or eat. Try going for gentler foods while you’re recovering and enjoy the tasty treats afterwards!

Opt for a Gentler Skin Care Regimen Instead of Your Usual

You probably have a perfect 10-step skincare regimen you’re used to, but consider setting that aside when your skin’s better now. Here are gentler skin care regimen that you can do for proper skin healing:

  • Wash your skin with a gentler facial wash. Your old one might be tougher on the skin since it deals with dirt in your pores and rids of dry skin. A sulphate-free and low-foaming soap will be your best option. Preferably one with hydration and moisture features.
  • Apply essence. Apply this by misting it on your healing skin instead of dabbing it with a cotton pad. This will remove impurities safely and provide hydration to irritated areas without irritating your skin. You can do this by putting your essence of choice in a spray bottle and mist it. 
  • Use an acid-free serum. The last thing you need is another acid on your face, so opt for an acid-free serum. The ideal serum you can put on your face would be a vitamin C serum with ingredients like Ascorbyl Methylsilanol Pectinate or Ascorbyl Palmitate, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, and Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate.
  • Diligently apply moisturizer. Lightly and gently apply sunscreen in the mornings and night-time moisturizers in the evening. Always remember to never over-moisturize as that’s bad for your sensitive skin. The more you moisturize, the longer it takes for the skin to finish peeling.
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Always Be Gentle With Your Wet Skin 

When you wash your face, it’s easy to rip off peeled chunks just by scrubbing your face and wiping it afterwards. Water is effective in making the dead skin soft and easy to remove, and it could be dangerous for your sensitive skin. 

Estheticians in Toronto emphasizes the importance of frictionless face washing and drying. Opt for softer microfiber towels and try not to scrub too hard. This also means avoiding your facial brush for now and stick to your hands instead.

If you had your chemical peel in Toronto or planning to have one, you should research first the best estheticians in your area before deciding. You also need to ask the right questions first before deciding to proceed with their services. 

If you’re looking for a list of certified professional estheticians in Toronto, contact us here and we can give you guidance about what you need and what to expect before and after a chemical peel. 

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