The Benefits of Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in Toronto

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The Benefits of Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in Toronto

Feb 18 2021

Celebrities, influencers, and famous women flaunt their beautiful curves, and it makes them look beautiful in tighter clothing. A lot of women in these past years have undergone surgery to look like Kim Kardashian and get a plumper and ‘sexier’ rear. Plastic surgeons in Toronto suggest this to women who want to get a more proportioned posterior to the rest of their body.

Getting a Brazilian butt lift can increase your self-esteem and give you confidence in wearing tighter clothes or swimsuits. It also adds some shape to your body as well. If you’re having doubts about it, there are more benefits you can get from undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. Below are the common benefits from it:

It’s Permanent

Unlike other buttock augmentation procedures, this treatment is more permanent and won’t move in other areas of your body. It stays in place, even if you lose weight or gain weight – the shape and the fullness will stay the same. While this is good news, it’s important to retain the weight and physique you had before getting the surgery as it will make your Brazilian butt lift disproportionate to your current physique.

Usually, doctors suggest keeping a healthy diet plan and a workout regimen for their patients. The best Brazilian butt lift in Toronto might be able to deliver the results you want, but it’s up to you to keep it that way.

It’s Safer Compared to Other Buttock Procedures

Unlike other treatments that involve surgically placing silicone to make your posterior appear fuller, this treatment is safer and is FDA – approved. There’s a lesser risk as your body rarely rejects its own fat – this procedure transfers fat on areas you want it to be fuller. The chances of infection and allergic reactions are relatively low.

The fat is commonly extracted on the love handles area, but it usually depends on where the doctor can harvest more. The fat harvested is relocated on your buttocks. There are recorded risks, but it’s quite rare – pulmonary or fat embolism and usually from a handful of anemic patients. 

However, it’s still safer to only trust a seasoned plastic surgeon in Toronto instead of hastily hiring someone with lesser experience. If the procedure was done sloppily, it can be dangerous and the safe procedure will be risky in an amateur’s hands.

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It Gives You More Control on Your Body’s Proportions

Usually, the doctor conducts thorough consultations with you before your surgery, and you will be able to explain or show your ideal rear size. Using your preference as a guide, your professional plastic surgeon is able to plan out and scope areas where the fat will be extracted. 

The size and fullness will be decided beforehand so you won’t feel that your buttocks are too big or underwhelming. Through this treatment, you can ask your doctor if they can provide you with natural-looking hips. This would significantly improve your curves and add a feminine fullness to your hips. In the end, it’s up to your preferences and goal. 

It Looks More Natural

Compared to other buttocks augmentation surgeries, the Brazilian butt lift can give you a more natural lift and plumpness. It’s not as stiff as silicone implants, it looks more natural since it uses your own excess fat. It moves how the fat should be – bouncy, jiggly, and curvy, unlike silicone that retains its shape no matter what you do.

This is the reason why women (and even men) love this surgery compared to others – it’s hard to tell if it’s ‘done’ or not. Most plastic surgeons in Toronto suggest this to most women who want to look natural and won’t draw too much attention to their buttocks.

The Results Are Almost Instantaneous

The best way to make your butt plumper is through a lifestyle of proper workout and diet, but some people can’t achieve that or don’t have the time for it. This surgery will be able to provide you with your dream results after 2 or 3 hours of the procedure.

After the procedure, you will be able to notice some changes and see the optimal results after 3-4 weeks. During this time, you will be able to continue your daily life and wear whatever you want to wear – your surgery should be healed completely. However, it tends to heal faster if you follow your doctor’s thorough aftercare instructions to ensure the shape and plumpness lasts.

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It Scrapes Off Unwanted Fat in Your Body

There will be areas wherein stubborn fat resides, and it can be a source of shame for most people. However, this procedure takes care of that – your doctor harvests fat from areas that don’t need it and is in dire need of toning. The fat harvested is used to make your buttocks look fuller and add a fitting curve on your hips.

While not really the reason why most people undergo a Brazilian butt lift, it’s a great opportunity to shape other areas and scrape off excess fat. The areas where fat is usually harvested from are the abdomen, upper arms, and thighs. These are excellent choices as fat from these areas are harder to burn during exercise.

It Boosts Your Confidence

While having a flatter butt seems trivial, a lot of women really find it distressing. Usually, the shape of the hips and the butt really weighs on their decisions on what to wear and how they look in swimsuits. It can be heartbreaking for women to want an outfit but feel discouraged to wear it because of a smaller or flatter rear.

Getting a Brazilian butt lift doesn’t only lift your butt, but your spirits too. You will feel more confident strutting fit and seductive clothing, and genuinely feel attractive. In order to enjoy this, you need to contact only the best and ensure you research the best Brazilian Butt Lift provider in Toronto before deciding.

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