What Do You Need to Know About Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Toronto?

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What Do You Need to Know About Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Toronto?

Feb 10 2021

You’ve probably noticed that your breasts are no longer as perky as they were. There are many factors as to why they lose their firmness – it can be caused by age, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy. While totally normal for women, it doesn’t change the fact that it makes some women feel insecure about their bodies. 

Now it’s possible to redo the damage of gravity and reclaim the perkiness of your breasts through the best breast lift in Toronto. With our team of professional plastic surgeons in Toronto, you can revitalize the lost youth of your breasts. Still not convinced? Read on and find out more about mastopexy.

What is Breast Lift (Mastopexy)?

This is a surgical operation that changes the shape of the breasts by removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissues for a perkier and firmer appearance. To decide if you need a breast lift, see if your breasts sag enough for the areola (nipples) to point down towards the crease.

Aside from the sagging, it also reduces the size of the areola in this procedure. A common mastopexy surgery would usually take 3 hours. While it restores the youthful perkiness of the breasts, don’t expect your breasts to be bigger than it originally was. Breast lift is only meant to reshape the breasts back to its former glory.

There are three different kinds of breast lift procedures:

  • The Crescent Lift – This is ideal for women with a smaller amount of breast sagging. It’s usually done with breast augmentation.
  • The Benelli Mastopexy – This is called the donut lift as the incisions are done around the outside of the areola. As it ages, the scars are barely visible and it looks like a part of the areola.
  • The Inferior Pedicle Mastopexy – This is meant for women with poor skin elasticity or has larger breasts. 
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Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift

  • You get perkier breasts. Gone are the days of forcing yourself to wear a bra, with the best breast lift in Toronto, you will be able to get the desired body you see in magazines.
  • You can wear the outfits you want. While you can do this before mastopexy, some women found confidence in trying out new styles – especially those that show off their breast shape.
  • Lessened under-breast irritation. Saggy breasts mean that you’ve probably experienced chafing that results in redness and sometimes rashes. A breast lift can separate your breasts from the skin under it. There are also sweat-related injuries that come with having saggy breasts.
  • Improves the nipple position. Plastic surgeons in Toronto usually suggest mastopexy to those who are unhappy with their areolas pointing downwards. Mastopexy improves the appearance and the perkiness of the breasts.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Mastopexy?

Mastopexy is a lifelong commitment, and it should be planned and thought through for a long period of time. It’s considered a major surgery that will be prone to heavy bleeding, infections, and complications. It’s important to research more about your plastic surgeons in Toronto or other locations first than settling for someone less.

Like any other major surgery, not everyone is qualified to undergo mastopexy. Here are the following requirements for the ideal candidate for this surgery:

  • Considered physically healthy
  • Able to maintain a healthy weight according to their height and age
  • Non-smoker 
  • One of the breasts is lower than the other one
  • Your breasts are flattened and elongated
  • You have stretched skin and enlarged nipples
  • Your breasts are starting to sag
  • If not wearing a bra, the nipples point downwards to the crease
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What are the Possible Risks of Mastopexy?

While it brings about a lot of benefits that women desire, there’s a lot of risks in this major surgery. You will have to check with your plastic surgeon first before signing up for the surgery. Below are the common risks you might get after a mastopexy:

  • Irregularities to the shape and size of your breasts. While not common, this might happen and will be noticeable after a period of healing. This is because of the changes during healing, and it’s likely that this surgery might not fix the asymmetry of the breasts pre-mastopexy.
  • Noticeable scarring. The scars are permanent and it usually fades after 1 to 2 years after the surgery. While there are scars left, it can easily be covered by bathing suits or choice of underwear. However, there is a rare possibility of poor scar healing that will happen. An even rarer instance is a keloid scarring.
  • Difficulty in producing milk. New moms should plan and think about their responsibilities as a mother to a newborn infant. A mastopexy will make it difficult for you to produce enough milk for your baby. Ideally, you should wait for 3-6 months after giving birth for a mastopexy.  
  • Change in nipple or breast sensation. Since this surgery altered the size and perkiness of your breasts, it’s perfectly normal for nipples to lose their sensation. This numb sensation usually disappears for at least a few weeks. There are rare instances wherein the loss of sensation for the areolas are permanent. However, erotic sensations are not affected.


While there are a lot of benefits in getting a breast lift, plastic surgeons in Toronto suggests that you should do it for your own reasons. There are a good number of women who are pressured to get mastopexy from their partners and it shouldn’t be a reason. There will be a lot of dedication that comes after the surgery and a permanent scar that you have to deal with. If you choose to do it for yourself, give our professional plastic surgeons in Toronto a call and we can provide you with the best breast lift in Toronto!

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