What To Do After Getting Rhinoplasty Surgery in Toronto?

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What To Do After Getting Rhinoplasty Surgery in Toronto?

Feb 24 2021

You’ve finally decided to get the rhinoplasty you’ve been dreaming of and it has made you excited for your new look. You’ve done everything you can to prepare for this moment, including getting only the best selection of plastic surgeons in Toronto. You’ve even done your research about the nose job benefits and how it will affect your life. 

Here are the common nose job benefits:

  • Greatly improve your confidence.
  • Fix your sinus problems.
  • Fix your broken nose.
  • Fix your snoring and improve your sleep quality.
  • Improve your facial symmetry as it will be fixed according to your facial structure.
  • Fix birth defects like clefts and underdevelopment.
  • Improve breathing.
  • Fix botched rhinoplasty.

While the toughest part of the process is done, there’s another set of tedious steps you need to take in order to ensure that your nose will heal nicely and properly. While it’s different for most people, these are the common ways you can take good care of your healing nose:

Keep Your Head Raised Above Your Chest

After the surgery, you always need to raise your head above your chest, especially when lying down. You might need 2 to 3 pillows to ensure that your head is elevated enough.

Your nose will be congested after surgery due to the swelling and the splints placed to keep your nose’s shape when healing. Commonly, the splints and internal dressing stays in place for 1 to 7 days or 1 week for support and protection. 

There will be a ‘drip pad’ under your nose to absorb mucus and old blood after surgery. You’re expected to change it yourself when you’re discharged from the hospital – it’s important to follow your doctor’s orders step by step to ensure proper healing and comfort. Plastic surgeons in Toronto usually provide input on how to keep your nose clean and dry after rhinoplasty.

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Lesser Activities After Surgery

It’s normal to feel drained after surgery, and perhaps even the following days after that. The best thing you can do for your body is to rest as much as possible, especially when you’re exhausted. The exercise you can do for now is light walking and increase the amount of walk you do every day to make sure that your body will get used to it.

For strenuous exercises, you have to wait around 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. As people have different healing periods, you might need to consult your doctor first before going to the gym. For work, it depends on the nature of your work. You might only need to take a few days off if you work in an office while some need to take a week off to ensure proper healing and recovery. 

There are some issues wherein people have sight difficulties after surgery, and that can be dangerous on the road. You have to ask for your doctor’s permission to drive or ask someone else to drive for you for now. Another important thing is to avoid blowing your nose for at least a week after the surgery. 

Treat your nose delicately – gently apply products like sunblock or makeup to avoid irritating the healing area. You might have to stop yourself from rubbing your nose for at least 8 weeks to avoid complications. Most rhinoplasty in Toronto provides detailed care instruction to keep your nose from getting infected.

Apply Ice Pack on Your Nose

If your nose is still swelling after surgery, you can apply an ice pack on the affected area to reduce the swelling. You can leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes, and you can do it every 1 to 2 hours if you feel pain. 

The best thing you can use as an ice pack would be a bag of frozen peas as it moulds the corners and shape of the areas properly. You can keep doing this for 3 days until the swelling subsides. 

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No Glasses For Now

Your nose is still sensitive from the surgery, so you shouldn’t apply any sort of pressure on your nose. Avoid using your glasses for at least 4 weeks to make sure it heals flawlessly. You might consider using contact lenses or maybe tape your glasses on your forehead, for now, to keep it in place. While it sounds like a goofy alternative, it can work and will provide you with the same level of service as wearing it on the ridge of your healing nose.

Don’t Wear Clothes That Needs To Be Pulled Over Your Head

Your nose is still healing and the incisions in it as well. Commonly, the best rhinoplasty in Toronto reminds you to wear loose and buttoned clothing to avoid irritating your nose. While it’s commonly short and only lasts for a week, it’s safer to ask your doctor about it before shifting to your clothes of preference. 

Shift To a Strict Diet and Healthier Lifestyle

Opting for a healthier meal of leafy greens and fibre-rich ingredients would help you in healing better. There is a great selection of foods you can try to eat to hasten your healing and help you with your bowel movements. 

It’s normal for people to be constipated after surgery, but it’s important to remember not to strain yourself while you defecate. Your doctor might even suggest supplements and laxatives that promotes smooth bowel movements.

Taking Your Medicines Correctly

Your doctor will provide you with a list of medications you need to for the pain and anti-biotics for the incision. While you might feel better, it’s important to follow the number of days and amount of medicine you should take to make sure you heal properly. Drink your medicine after meals and in times specified by your doctor.

Do not resume the medication you were taking before the surgery unless permitted by the doctor. There might be blood-thinner medicine you’re taking that might promote bleeding. Follow your doctor’s orders and always consult your doctor if you feel there’s something amiss. 

While there are nose job benefits you want to get, it’s important to follow your doctor’s orders step by step to ensure proper healing and avoid complications. While you probably had your nose job in the best rhinoplasty in Toronto, it’s a must to take precautions and perform your aftercare smoothly. 

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