What You Should Know About Male Breast Reduction

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What You Should Know About Male Breast Reduction

Jan 29 2021

It’s probably something new to you, or something you’ve considered getting, but this procedure is your solution to your enlarged male breasts. While it’s not life-threatening and something that won’t harm you, it can be a source of discouragement and embarrassment. Men, like women, value their physiques a lot and having gynecomastia can make them feel a bit feminine.

It’s important to seek the best male breast reduction in Toronto to get the best results money can buy. However, you also need to know more than just what clinic to trust for this kind of surgery – what are the things you should expect from the surgery and the known benefits of this treatment.

Here are things you need to learn about male breast reduction:

What Exactly Is a Male Breast Reduction?

A male breast reduction is done when you want to reduce enlarged breasts and boost your self-confidence. This is also done when you want to remove the excess fat from the tissues on your breasts and make it firm and toned. Losing a lot of weight is also another reason why a lot of men undergo male breast reduction, so they will be able to get rid of the saggy and loose skin.

This is commonly done to improve the physical appearance and improve their self-esteem whenever they see themselves in the mirror. Usually, the results are permanent or long-lasting, as long as you stay in shape and avoid gaining too much weight.

This is usually suggested by plastic surgeons in Toronto to men who suffer from gynecomastia. It’s a permanent fix to the discomfort felt when dealing with large breasts.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Not all men are qualified to get a breast reduction, there are certain recommendations by the doctors that the patient should follow. In order to qualify, you need to be:

  • Men who have good and elastic skin. This treatment will require some skin stretching after the unwanted flaps of skin are removed. This is entirely dependent on your skin’s elasticity.
  • Men who are not overweight for their height. People who weigh more than 30 pounds more than their ideal BMI are usually discouraged by their doctors as people within their ideal weight gets more benefits from the surgery.
  • Men who don’t smoke marijuana, use steroids, or excessively drink alcoholic beverages are preferred by doctors.
  • Usually, men who are below 50 years old and have no excessive sun damage on their skin.
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What Are the Risks of Male Breast Reduction?

Although rare, there are risks in undergoing a male breast reduction procedure. Your preferred clinic who will give you the male breast reduction in Toronto will disclose the possible risks and dangers during the operation. Here are the risks reported:

  • Anesthetic reactions
  • Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Different nipple or breast sensations that might be permanent or temporary
  • Breast shape and contour abnormalities
  • Fat necrosis
  • Persistent pain on the area operated
  • Seroma
  • Unfavourable scarring
  • Possible damage to deeper structures like blood vessels, nerves, lungs, and muscles that might either be permanent or temporary
  • Poor scar healing
  • Deep vein thrombosis

What Are the Different Kinds of Male Breast Reduction Surgeries?

There are two kinds of male breast reduction surgeries, and it’s usually consulted and decided by the plastic surgeon of choice. 

  • First way to treat enlarged breasts on men is through liposuction. There are two ways you can decide where the incision will be. The choices offered are usually around the areola or the nipple area or within the armpits. The length of the incision is entirely dependent on your body’s anatomy. The fat in the breasts is sucked out through liposuction without risking distortion of the breasts. 
  • The second way is through tissue excision. It removes the excess fat in the breasts or muscular tissue. This is usually suggested for men who have sagging and stretched skin around their breasts. This is suggested when liposuction isn’t enough to fix the enlarged breasts. This creates a flatter and more masculine chest compared to the other procedure. 

What to Expect After Getting Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

The results are usually immediate and there is a drastic improvement compared to before. While swelling and perhaps bruising is expected, the shape and the appearance is visible right away. You will be sore for a few days and you will feel a bit of pain in areas that were operated on. The downtime can vary from one to three weeks, depending on how fast your body heals and what kind of surgery was done.

Usually, your surgeon provides ideal pain medication that’s effective for you but over-the-counter medicine selection is also okay. Professionals who conduct the best male breast reduction surgery in Toronto always ensures that the medicine you will take won’t cause bleeding or complications. Always consult before buying medicine.

There are times when patients are required to wear a compression garment to help with the healing and ease the discomfort of the area. This will act as support and it helps with the shape of your breasts and prevents the possibility of swelling. It influences optimal healing and achieves your goal of a better physique. 

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While the male breast reduction is permanent, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a better diet. Your fat won’t stop accumulating just because you had a layer removed. A drastic weight gain or usage of steroids can bring back gynecomastia. You may need to invest in a gym membership and make time for a workout regimen to lose weight and keep your body toned.

If you’re suffering from gynecomastia and aim to get the best male breast reduction in Toronto, our team of plastic surgeons will be able to provide you with the best assistance and help. Always do your research and ask the right questions before signing up for their services.

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