Why It’s Important to Research and Learn More About Your Plastic Surgeons

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Why It’s Important to Research and Learn More About Your Plastic Surgeons

Feb 3 2021

Since the internet became a huge thing, a lot of people make it a point to research everything they want to try – from games, hotels, restaurants, and other services. It’s a smart move to avoid disappointing results and possible danger you might experience from those services. It’s even more important to research cosmetic or plastic surgeons in Toronto before signing a contract with them.

Reviews are extremely helpful these days and it saves you a lot of hassle and money to know more about the professionals you met with. The reviews sent in are usually from happy or angry clients after the service they received. There are different ways you can assess the professional you chose with the following tips below.

Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Like how companies filter through their candidates, you also need to conduct your own interview. Knowing your surgeon’s accomplishments, experience, and processes is important – you’re probably not comfortable with their methods. To reap the ideal conclusion, here are questions you can ask your surgeon:

  1. How many times have you done this procedure? This is something you should clarify with your surgeon – you don’t want to be the first procedure for that specific surgery. The best number of times would be 200 times – it would mean that they have a successful and comfortable method in dealing with that surgery. It might sound rude or condescending, but it’s an important question to gauge their experience.
  2. What anesthesia will you use for this surgery? There are valid risks in anesthesia that could be dangerous for you. There’s a great risk that involves general anesthesia and only highly trained professionals are allowed to administer it. This can be answered properly depending on your medical history, experience, and overall knowledge about its effects.
  3. Are you board certified? To be board certified, you need to be approved by certifying boards for plastic surgeons, a member of surgical societies, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Certified, Board of Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, 1 – 2 years in a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship and so forth. 
  4. How much would this surgery cost? This is important as you might not be financially prepared to handle the expenses that come with the surgery. Aside from knowing the overall total, you can ask for the breakdown to know what you’re paying for. You don’t want to be surprised by the bill after the surgery.
  5. What are the possible complications of this surgery? There might be information you want to know about this kind of surgery and what kind of danger it poses afterwards. You can ask for the percentage or count to ease your mind. While it could be minor surgery, it’s valuable for you to be informed of the risks you might encounter. However, if the risk is too high, a responsible plastic surgeon in Toronto will decline the surgery.
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How to Research More About Your Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon?

While you can easily just type in ‘Best Plastic Surgeons in Toronto’ and yield over a hundred results, there’s more to it before deciding who is the best surgeon for your plastic or cosmetic surgery. Below is a checklist that will filter the good ones from the bad:

Strictly Follows Safety Standards

Aside from achieving the results you have in mind, your surgeon will let you know the possible risks and dangers undergoing that surgery. They will decline if you’re not physically fit for the surgery you want to have.

Surgeons who are members of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS) or other professional organizations flaunt high and professional standards for safety. This also includes an accomplished resume of medical experience and education needed to achieve results you opt for.

Board Certified

It’s not easy to attain this certification, especially by accredited government bodies. You would want a plastic or cosmetic surgeon who would be certified by CSPS. This is a well-known organization for plastic surgeons in Toronto or in other places in Canada. This is a credential that’s only attained by the most experienced and educated in the practice.

Detailed and Thorough Consultations

A professional plastic surgeon will provide you with a thorough input of observations and possibilities in consultations. This will be your chance to express your concerns and share the aesthetic goals you want to attain. 

Your plastic surgeon will be able to give you the full details of what will be needed – lifestyle plan, medical history reports, anatomy, and how to achieve your goals. They will be honest as well if you didn’t pass the requirements needed to undergo the treatment.

A good plastic surgeon will provide you with all the information you need and provide you with the truth and proper expectations. You might not like what they would say, but it’s true and it’s important information to remember before agreeing to the operation. 

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Valuable Rapport With Patients

Undergoing surgery can be a tough time for patients, even if its for aesthetic purposes. While it’s not really required, a surgeon who genuinely cares and supports you through this is a pleasant addition to your requirements.

It should be easy to ask for help from your cosmetic or plastic surgeons or express alarm when you feel something off. The experience of your consultation to recovery should be comfortable and easy for both parties. 

Excellent Ratings From Past Patients

Aside from before and after photos, a glowing review from a past patient is something to look out for. Usually, patients provide a thorough review – what they liked about the doctor, the procedure, the smooth recovery, and achieved the aesthetic goal they wanted.

While there will be bad reviews as patients are different and some approaches probably offended them, the good reviews should be overwhelming compared to the others. This is a surgeon that’s seasoned and knows how to deliver. 

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