Why People Are Getting Eyebrow Lifts in Toronto?

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Why People Are Getting Eyebrow Lifts in Toronto?

Dec 10 2020

As you age, there will be a possibility of getting wrinkles and lines on your forehead and it would definitely make you look older. You probably notice the small and gradual changes whenever you look at the mirror, and eventually, it’s more obvious now to other people. While perfectly normal since the skin loses its elasticity, it doesn’t mean that you should just deal with it when you’re not happy about it.

Best eyebrow lift in Toronto might be your solution – you can get your youth back without any drastic surgery. You will get that amazing transformation after the operation and feel more confident looking at your reflection. Learn more about this amazing treatment by reading ahead.

What Is an Eyebrow Lift?

An eyebrow lift (also called as browplasty) is an aesthetic procedure that lifts the drooping eyebrows for a youthful look. While mostly done for cosmetic purposes, it also has a lot of benefits such as a better field of vision.

As you get older, the collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid gets scarce and you get the wrinkles and fine lines you dread. These are the components of having a youthful tight skin that you covet.

Eyebrow lift fixes this by lifting the underlying muscles and forehead tissues to look more neutral instead of ‘grouchy’. It’s also done by removing the excess skin and tissue that make the eyebrows saggy. This is commonly suggested by plastic surgeons in Toronto for a more naturally youthful and approachable look.

Benefits of Getting an Eyebrow Lift

Aside from looking years younger, there are more benefits to getting an eyebrow lift. Here are the common benefits of getting one:

  • Smoothen existing forehead wrinkles
  • Remove excess skin
  • Improve your field of vision
  • Smoothens the lines that look like a furrowed brow
  • Improve the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles
  • Removes the sagginess of the upper lids
  • Lifts the brow into a more natural and youthful arch
  • Repositions the brows back to the arch of the brows
  • Looking more refreshed and approachable
  • Long-lasting and transformative
  • You would look more awake

While this is commonly the results you can get from an eyebrow lift, it’s possible for it to get botched. The importance of researching the best eyebrow lift in Toronto comes first before deciding on a budget. Always bear in mind that trying to be cheap on cosmetic surgery usually has disastrous results.

Elder man with a wrinkled face and saggy brows.

Different Kinds of Eyebrow Lifts

There are different kinds of eyebrow lifts made to perfectly tailor the eyebrow problem you currently have. These are usually suggested to you by plastic surgeons in Toronto in order to achieve the aesthetic goal you have in mind. Here are the different kinds of lifts you can get:

  • Coronal Lift. This is also called the forehead lift and it’s manually lifted with the underlying tissue and muscles. The excess skin is removed and it makes your forehead smoother and younger-looking. This is ideal for people with noticeable forehead lines.
  • Direct Brow Lift. Not the most common choice, but this procedure would require an incision directly above the brows and can be covered by the eyebrow hair. This is ideal for elderly people and men with bushy brows. It’s also ideal for bald men or those with high hairlines.
  • Endoscopic Lift. The incisions are made on the scalp and this provides access for the surgeon to see the muscles and tissue through a small camera. This will allow the surgeon to move the muscles for a natural-looking forehead lift. During this process, the fat and the tissue responsible for the droop will be removed. 

If you have concerns regarding the kind of eyebrow lift that was suggested to you, you can contact our plastic surgeons in Toronto for a better understanding and options to decide on. If you’re not comfortable with the suggestion, don’t be afraid to ask for a different opinion.

Expectations After Getting an Eyebrow Lift

You probably expect to look a thousand times better than pre-surgery, but that’s not always the case. Professionals will brief you regarding the outcomes of the surgery, but it’s important to know what usually happens afterwards. Below are the realistic expectations you can have after surgery:

  • This eyebrow lift is long-lasting and you won’t require a retouch.
  • There will be scars, but it will only be visible for a couple of months. Some of these scars can be hidden by makeup and hair. In order to get rid of scars, you can apply creams and products for a speedy recovery.
  • There will be a drastic improvement and it will certainly give you a confidence boost.
  • You will need to take some days off work for a full recovery. Your plastic surgeon will be able to enlighten you on how long you would need to rest. It usually takes 2 to 3 days.
  • During healing, your eyebrow lift won’t be as noticeable, but it will improve if given 10-14 days healing period. You will likely bruise on the area, but that is natural.
  • You will need a few more months of healing despite looking presentable in public. While rare, if there is still pain and excessive swelling and bruising after a few months, contact your doctor right away.
  • By making sure to follow your doctor’s orders you will be able to heal naturally. A good and healthy diet is also essential to your recovery.

If you’re prepared to be completely transformed and become more confident again, you can contact us and get the best eyebrow lift in Toronto. We have a good selection of cosmetic surgeons and estheticians that will give you your ultimate transformation. Give us a call now and we can provide you with the services you deserve.

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